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CrossTimber® -a Family Business.


Read about the humble beginnings of a printing business that has grown to raise a family.  Owner and operator John Dehnart, shares his take on the homeschool projects and inspiration that became CrossTimber®.


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The Business Side

CrossTimber's many facets of family business.

CrossTimber - Printing was established in 1994, and has faithfully provided professional design and printing services to local community and businesses nationwide. As a home-based business, CrossTimber provides offer top-quality products and professional graphic design at a fraction of the big-city vendors.


CrossTimber is owned and run by John Dehnart with the support of his family. With 15 years experience in the graphics and printing industry, John holds to a high standard of honesty, businesses integrity and customer service. John is eager to provide each customer with careful attention and commitment to the great quality service that CrossTimber can provide. John values his customers and our community and enjoys meeting and working with each person that his business touches.



In 1997, John began the personalized name products that became CrossTimber's trademark NamePlaques, NameCards and Name-Meaning Bookmarks.   In 2005, 100+ Color Background Designs were designed for Name Gifts, inspired by John's growing love for the woman he would soon marry. 







As a couple John & Katie worked to expand the reach and encouragement of CrossTimber's name meaning gifts, and in 2008, John published his first website for the name gifts, www.Meaning.Name.  The site has been through two major upgrades since then, and now offers over 1240 different name meaning gifts.  These Name-Meaning Gifts are the family's favorite product line, and John is always happy to ask -and answer- "Do you know what your name means?"


As a result of John's education in website design, CrossTimber now offers professional website design and management.  Visit www.CrossTimber.name/WEB/ for details.


In 2007, John's wife, Katie Dehnart, added her professional voice services to the mix with her new website, www.KatieDehnart.com. Contact her for professional voice-overs for video, web and radio advertisements, animation and dramatized audio books. See her complete portfolio at www.KatieDehnart.com.





By John Dehnart

© 2012

The Family Side of CrossTimber

About the family behind the name.


Howdy! I am John Dehnart, (on the right) owner and operator of CrossTimber's many services. I was five years old when my folks moved us from the terrors of Big-City Columbus to the peaceful town of Waterford. Seventeen years ago, from our home on the edge of town, I began running CrossTimber - Printing. Since then, I have served local businesses by providing top-quality products, custom-crafted to each customer’s specific needs.


Today, my 6-week old son sleeps on my lap as I type, and my daughters, Joanie & Chloe, learn their ABC's by sorting our name meaning bookmarks alphabetically, and assisting with the laminating and packaging of our many name gifts.  My wife, Katie works as our frame artist, inspiration and glue to hold projects together.


God has uniquely blessed my family through CrossTimber, and I am honored and so very happy to blend work and life together for the blessing of those I love the most.


If you're reading this, you're an important part of that continuing blessing.  If you have enjoyed our stories, liked our name meaning gifts, or are a satisfied customer, please tell others about CrossTimber and the many services and encouraging gifts that we offer.






By John Dehnart

© 2012

A Family Heritage

CrossTimber's history and roots through generations.

My parents, Jim & Jeanne Dehnart, first started CrossTimber as a professional photography business in the late 1970's, before I was born. I've often heard their stories of fun ways to get people to loosen up for wedding photographs, and give everyone a great time, as well as some great photos. Dad would group the wedding party on the stage and instruct them all to "Blink your eyes a few times. It moistens your eyes and gives you a twinkle in your eye for the photo." he would say as he snapped a few pictures while everyone had their eyes closed. "Now everyone lick your lips; it gives them a nice shine on the photo." Again he'd snap some pictures without them noticing. The Bride and Groom got some hilarious pictures for their photo album, and of course they got some good "traditional" shots, too.


Dad tells how they got started in Photography:

"We had only taken one Black and White photo course. Jeanne and I went down to OSU to take the class on developing Black and White photography, and on the way home through Columbus, we found a photography store going out of business on the corner of Morse Road and High Street. We went in and bought it all, on the spot. Then we had all this color photography equipment, from enlargers to developing.. timers, lenses, -everything we were going do need. And we didn't even know how to develop Black and White film yet!


The reason we wanted to get into photography is that we had so much trouble getting "the professionals" to crop our pictures correctly. --and then of course we also had some pictures that needed a little "doctoring". So we bought all this stuff for how to change color and cropping and enlarging.... all for 35-milimeter film!"


After I was born, Mom & Dad turned the CrossTimber name towards carpentry, and had half the basement for carpentry, and half for photography! Their most popular products were hand-made mirrored corner sconces, along with some crafts and custom furniture. Dad has always had a great eye for creative woodworking, and I treasure my memories of watching him work in the garage with the fresh smell of sawdust from the table saw.


After we moved from Columbus to little Waterford, Ohio, the farmer across the road needed some flyers done. Since Dad had just purchased our first IBM computer that year, we decided we'd make it a Home Education project to make the flyers for him and learn some computer skills at the same time. My older sister, Becky, made up the flyers and put "Printed by CrossTimber 984-2583" on the back. That was all it took to bring in call after call for quality printing from local businesses. Becky ran the business through the summer, and then I took over that September in 1994.


Each year I expanded my skills, equipment and capabilities for quality products. Through hard work, my parents' encouragement, and God's patient blessings, I have learned the value of honesty, good standards, and a good name in the business world.
I invite you to bring your printing projects and business needs to CrossTimber and share in the blessing of good business.

I'm typing this brief history on June 11th, 2008. It was exactly 3 years ago that I married my lovely Katie in her home church in Kiowa Colorado. Since then we have been blessed with two beautiful baby girls: Joanie Marie and Chloe Joy. The three of them are my greatest treasures, and through them God gives me inspiration to continue to make quality products through CrossTimber.


Through CrossTimber, God has given me twenty years of opportunities to expand my skills and to support my family and the businesses around me.  I daily look for His continued guidance and help. -Especially as my own family continues to grow!  (Click here to read about my new son, Rigby Caleb!)








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