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Frequently Asked Questions about Name Research

Welcome! Below are some questions (and our lengthy answers) that we've received about names and what they mean! Feel free to browse through them, or e-mail us if you have more questions!  For our FAQ for products & online orders, click here

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Q&As about Names & Meanings

Everything (well, almost) about reseaching names.



What does my name mean?


We'd be happy to look up a name (or several) for you!  The fastest way is to click the Chat box on the lower right, or if we're not online, give us a call at 888-763-2646. 


If you have a long list of names, then it'd best to e-mail us, and we'll send the info back by e-mail.  Just click the Contact button to get our e-mail address.


You're also welcome to write to us, at

14041 Washington Street
Waterford, OH 45786.

Include a SASE, and we'll send you a Free NameCard! Click here for details on the free NameCard offer.



Are Name Meanings important?

Yes! Throughout history, names have been of great and essential importance. God named Adam, the Day and the Night, He placed tremendous significance on names, and the meanings of names. When He sent His only son to earth, He also sent very specific instructions on what to name the baby.


"And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins." Matthew 1.21

Read more about the importance of names here: The Meaning of Names.

How do you research a name meaning?

We explore several ways to research a name meaning, including historical data, root words in a language, dictionaries, websites, and a bookshelf full of baby name books!  For an in-depth answer to this question, check out this article: Finding the Meaning of a Name.

How did you get started in Name Meaning Gifts?

Now that's a fun question to answer!  We've been making Name Meaning Gifts for over 13 years. It all started one dark and stormy night.... *grin* click here for the story.


Christian name meanings for names not in the Bible:

I'm looking for a Christian name meaning, but the name isn't in the Bible.  How do you find a Christian meaning for a name that isn't in the Bible?


We don't run across this question bery often, but we have given it a lot of thought.  Bible names are usually easy to reasearch because of the emphasis on name meaning in ancient Eastern culture (and from God's perspective.).  Many popular names today do not have a direct connection to a name in the Bible, and some Bible names have negative meanings at first (see Jacob, a name meaning seeking God's blessing.)

For names that are not in the Bible, we always look for the inherant, historical or cultural meaning, and then turn to the Bible's principles to find the most encouraging connection to that meaning.  For more on this topic, click here: Christian Name Meanings.


Do you have any books you'd recommend?

Oh yes. Definitely. The Bible, by Lord God. Wings of Dawn, by Sigmund Brower and if you're looking for a book on name meanings, check out The Name Book, by Dorothy Austoria.  You're also welcome to e-mail us for our name meaning research.  :-)  We're always delighted to look up names for you!  No trouble at all!


Are there stories about the meanings behind names?

Yes! We love researching names, and often find pieces of history and insight that we can't keep to ourselves. We often include printed scrolls of these NameStories with the products we ship out, and we're adding more when we can! Check out this list of stories, and if you have one of your own that you'd like to share, please send it to us!


What are your prices?


That's an excellent question for our Order FAQ page.  Just click here!


Can I order name meaning bookmarks by themselves?


Yep!  Ordering bookmarks is easy through our bookmark website!  Just visit www.Bookmarks.Name 


Got more questions?


Give us a call at 888-763-2646





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