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Research for name meanings, origins, life meanings and matching Bible verses.
FAQ for name meaning research, custom Bible verse gifts, ordering FAQ and prices
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Frequently Asked Questions for Online Orders


CrossTimber values integrity and honesty, and honestly, we're sick and tired of businesses who lie in their advertising, attach hidden costs and outsource customer service to countries

Discounts & Free Extras
Mix-and-match items for every name on your list!

Buy 3 or more items and you'll receive 10% off and Free matching Bookmarks with each gift!
Buy 5 or more items and get
15% off, and free matching bookmarks for everyone.

Buy 10 or more gifts and get
20% off and free matching bookmarks for everyone.

For orders of 20 or more, get even better discounts!

Give us a call at 888-763-2646

that barely speak English.   As a family business in America, we delight in meeting and knowing our customers, and providing not only great customer service, but a fantastic memorable product at a fraction of the price of our very limited competition.


If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-763-2646, or click the chat box on the lower right↘ to see if we're online to chat!


FAQ: Shipping Costs, Policy, Etc.

How long does it take?  How much does it cost?  Where is it made?  Answers Below

Click here to see FAQ on Name Research, etc.

Where do I find out the meaning of a name?

We'd be happy to look up a name for you!  The fastest way is to click the Chat box↘ on the lower right, or if we're not online, give us a call at 888-763-2646. 


If you have a long list of names, then it'd best to e-mail us, and we'll send the info back by e-mail.  Just click the Contact button to get our e-mail address.



What are your prices?

Note: We have so many options to personalize and customize our gifts that it's hard to list every possible price here. But here's our base prices for the main gift. Your final choices for framing, extra features, etc. may result in slightly different prices, and of course, our Quantity Discounts will reduce all our prices!


Typical Product Prices & Priority Mail (2-3 day) Shipping Charges:
Product        Price

       ---Priority Mail---

1st Item Shipping Charge

Shipping Per
Add'l Name Gift
  $4.85 (1st Class mail)
     Printable 5x7 File††

(Use code PDFONLY to remove s&h charges)

    10x12 Plaques

    8" x 10" Print

  $4.35  (1st Class mail)
    7"x 13.6" WP Print
  $4.35 (1st Class mail)
   Printable 8x10 File††

(Use code PDFONLY to remove s&h charges)

      Coffee Mug
      Music Box

Prints are usually mailed by 1st Class mail (3 to 10 days) unless other arrangements are made.  If ordered with a larger gift, we bundle them together and send by Priority Mail.  To see typical Turnaround Times, Click here. For shipping details, click here.


†† Printable files are usually sent in high-resolution PNG format, which is compatable with almost all layout or graphics programs, and photo-printing kiosks.  Please let us know if you would prefer a different format.  If you are ONLY ordering printable files, please apply this code in your shopping cart, to remove the shipping charges: PDFONLY


We also offer these bonus gifts and discounts if you buy more than one of the above items.  Yep, you can mix-and-match the items.  Get an Eagle mug for Bill, a Music Box for Jimmy and a Flower Plaque for Susan, and you'll get 3 free matching bookmarks (one for Bill, one for Jimmy and one for Susan!)

Discounts & Free Extras
Mix-and-match items for every name on your list!

Buy 3 or more items and you'll receive 10% off and Free matching Bookmarks with each gift!
Buy 5 or more items and get
15% off, and free matching bookmarks for everyone.

Buy 10 or more gifts and get
20% off and free matching bookmarks for everyone.

For orders of 20 or more, get even better discounts!

Give us a call at 888-763-2646


RUSH Orders: How quickly can I get my order?

On a tight schedule?  We can help.

Give us a call with your deadline, and then choose "VERY RUSH" as the shipping option.  Rush production charges will be included in the shipping price that is shown in your cart.  Be sure to mention the date you need it by, an if it seems impossible, give us a call at 888-763-2646


Pocket Cards with name meanings NameCards Name Cards

What are the "Extras"? 

Additional features for your name meaning gift.


There are a variety of "extras" you can add to your name meaning gift, including a matching bookmark ($2) or a custom inscription ($1).  Each gift has a different set of extras, shown in a menu to the right of the design on our order pages.






              With Envelope

















What is an inscription?


Inscriptions contain your custom, personal text, such as,

"Happy Birthday, Jimmy.  May you always live up to the inspiration of your name.  Love, Aunt Jane."








If your inscription is longer than 200 characters, please send it to us by e-mail after you place your order.  You're also welcome to call anytime, at 888-763-2646.


Where is an inscription placed? 


For NamePlaques or WidePlaques, inscriptions are printed on a label on the back of the frame.  Music Boxes have the inscription inside the lid, so that every time they open their Music Box, they






think of your thoughtful gift and the encouragement you want to bring them.  For coffee mugs, the inscription is printed directly onto the back of the mug with the same process used for printing the name and design on the front, and our company name & website on the back. 

(pictured on the left)






Do you offer Combined Shipping?


Yes!  For orders of just 1 item, your shipping total will be the bold prices in the blue column above.  For orders of several items, your "1st Item" charge will be the largest (heaviest) item, and other items will be charged the "per additional" rate.  Which saves you money!


The easiest way to figure your shipping cost is to add the gifts to your shopping cart and key in your zip code.  But if you'd like a complicated example on paper, here you go!


Complicated example:  If you order 1 NamePlaque, 1 NamePrint (no frame), 1 Music Box and 1 Coffee Mug, your base shipping would be for the largest item (the Music Box) at ($9.60) plus the "each additional" rate for the Mug ($4.85 each), 1 Plaque ($3 each) and 1 unframed print ($zero), so your shipping total would be $17.45 for the 5 items to ship via Priority Mail.



How do you ship my order?

Shipping Methods, USPS, UPS, FedEx, Pony Express?


All of our products ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), except for our Bookmarks and PlaquePrints, which ship by standard, First-Class mail (3 to 10 days).  If you purchased bookmarks & prints along with one of our framed plaques, a coffee mug or name box, then we'll ship everything together, by Priority Mail.


For orders of 12 or more items, please contact us for a discounted shipping rate or additional options.



I'm not in a hurry.  Can I save on shipping costs?

Yep!  If you would like rates for the cheapest (and therefore slowest) shipping, please give us a call and order by telephone, and we'll work out the most cost effective options.  It usually doesn't save much for just 1 or 2 gifts, but if you're getting several, your patience can pay off!  Give us a call for the best -albeit slower- shipping rates.  888-763-2646


(P.S.  If you already have your items in your cart, you're welcome to use the code PayByPhone to send us the contents of your shopping cart, and then contact us by phone to get the exact total and pay by credit card.)



Turnaround Times: How long until I receive my order?

If you can give us 2 weeks, that's super.  Our personalized products are individually printed and personalized.  Plaques, WidePlaques, Music Boxes and Name Meaning Coffee Mugs are typically finished in 6 to 8 business days, and shipped by Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 days.   But if you're in a hurry, see below...



Christmas Orders


November and December are our busiest months.  Order early if possible, and if you're in a rush for a special Christmas celebration, give us a call to let us know the deadline.  You can also choose the "VERYRUSH" shipping option for extra fast production time and Priority Mail.


Merry Christmas!  Oh, and click here to read our Christmas story, about what the 2nd & 3rd Christmases might have been like.




Do you ship to Canada?


We're happy to ship to Canada!  Shipping charges are generally $1 or $2 more for our Canadian neighbors.  For exact charges, add the items to your cart, and then select "Canada" from the list and enter your postal code.  Or, you're always welcome to give your "southern" neighbors a call.  888-763-2646.



APO and International Orders


Our Name Meaning Gifts have circled the globe. We're happy to ship anywhere in the world!  Just e-mail or call with your shipping address and what items you'd like to order, and we will get a precise shipping quote for you!


You may also order online and use the code "PayByPhone".  Until we improve our shopping cart, just select USA and enter a dummy postal code of 12345.  Using the PayByPhone code will allow you to check out without any payment info, and we'll contact you after we calculate the exact shipping charges to your country.


Or, you can avoid high shipping charges, with our 5x7 prints or 8x10 prints, without frames.  These ship for MUCH less than the larger, heavier items.  We also offer 5x7 and 8x10 prints-by-email, which avoid shipping costs altogether!  (Please enter the code "PDFonly" in the shopping cart, to zero-out the shipping charges.  Give us a call with any questions!  888-763-2646 or 740-984-2583


Payment Types: How do I pay?


Online: Pay with any major credit card through our credit card merchant, PayPal. You may use a PayPal account if you wish, but it is not required.


By Phone: If you'd prefer to pay by phone, just use the code PayByPhone in the shopping cart to send the contents to us, and then call us with your billing info.


Payment by Check or Money Order: If you wish to pay by check or money order, you may place your order by phone or e-mail and send your check to the address below. Check payments may take up to 10 days from when we get it for the check to clear.


14041 State Route 339
Waterford, OH 45786


Returns: What if there's a problem with my order?


We've been making Name Meaning gifts for a long time, and it's very rare that anyone is unsatisfied with their purchase. We make every effort to describe our products and materials accurately and honestly, and if a mistake happens, we'll work with you to find the most cost-effective, time-effective solution.


If there is a defect or mistake with your order, please contact us right away at 888-763-2646 or by email.  Please do not mail the product back without first contacting us.  It's rare that there is a problem, but if there is one, here's some examples of what to expect from us:

1.  Damage →► Free, Speedy Replacement.  If your order was damaged during shipping, we will begin work immediately to send a free replacement.  We'll need you to email photos of the damage and the packaging so that we can file a claim with USPS to cover the cost of your replacement items.


2.  Our Mistake →► Free Correction, ASAP!  We believe in personal responsibility, so if we made a mistake designing or assembling your order the way you ordered it, we'll correct it ASAP with a corrected item.  We do our best to double-check every order, but sometimes mistakes do happen.  Examples of errors that can happen:  Sending a mug instead of a music box.  Sending a product with the wrong name or mispellings.  Not including an "extra" like a bookmark or inscription that you added to the order.  For time-sensitive, "the-birthday-party-is-this-weekend" orders, we can often send a free printable PDF within 24 hours.  (for example, if there was a mispelling on a plaque.)


3.  Customer Mistake →► Cost-Effective Solutions.  We offer a lot of options on our website, so we understand that mistakes sometimes happen on your end during the order process.  If you're not sure about something, please contact us, and consider adding the $2 eMail Proof option to your order so you can see it before we go to print.  Just as we are committed to

personal responsibility on our end, we expect the same maturity and integrity from our clients.  So if you got just what you ordered but still aren't satisfied with it, then you should expect a charge for correcting the order.  We are always eager to discuss a problem and look for the best solution possible, at the best price for you.


Custom Orders: "I like your work, but need something special."


Yes, we do LOTS of custom orders, and are happy to apply special photos, graphics, layouts, fonts, sizes, prints, and effects to print projects! Just give us a call to discuss your idea!  740-984-2583  Custom jobs almost always come with a proof, so you'll know exactly what you're getting.


Bulk orders:
Do you offer discounts for large orders or to bookstores?

Yes!  We have a Reseller program for qualified retail stores that would like to offer our name meaning gifts.  Please Contact Us for details.  To view our regular discounts, click here.


What translation do you use for your Bible verses?

You can contact us by email, phone or the chat box to ask what a name means, and exactly what verse is used!


We have thousands of names in our database, each one with a hand-picked Bible verse that connects with the name or name meaning.  We typically start with the King James version, but if it needs context (or clarity, for younger readers), we compare other versions and adjust the wording from there.  Often times, the limited space on a bookmark doesn't allow the entire context of the verse to fit, so we often truncate to the most significant parts of a passage.  In those cases, we use the reference to direct the reader to more information on that passage.  For example, rather than say Psalm 1: 1, 3b-5, we'll just put "Psalm 1", to direct the reader to the entire chapter.


Also, through these many years of resesarching names, we've come to understand the importance of the name of God in Scripture.  For more information, click: The One Name, or The many Titles of God

What we've discovered is that Yahweh, The God of the Bible, included His personal name over 6400 times in the Bible, and gave us a living definition of His name through His son. He did this to make a Way for us to know Him in a personal way, and on a first-name basis.  Therefore, we often include His name in verses where it was originally written.  For example:

I will bless Yahweh at all times. His praise will always be in my mouth. Glorify Yahweh with me; let us exalt his name together!  Psalm 34:1,3

We've been building our database of names for 18 years, so we're always making improvements, revisions and if an error is found, we make corrections.  If you'd like to check out verses & name meanings in advance, just contact us and we'll send them right along!


If YOU have a correction, additional information or research on a name, or would like to share a story regarding name meanings, the Names of God, or Bible verses about names, we would LOVE to hear from you!



Can I order your Name Meaning Bookmarks by themselves?

Yep!  Ordering bookmarks is easy, through our bookmark website!  Click here to read all the details about our bookmarks, or you can go right to our bookmark website to order: www.Bookmarks.Name 



Do you offer other graphics & printing services?


Yep, we're also a Printing Company and offer quality business printing and personalized custom work for your unique projects.   You can visit our Printing website for great prices and professional samples, or give us a call for a quote! www.CrossTimber.Name 740-984-2583


What sorts of stories have you found about name meanings?


We love researching names, and often find pieces of history and insight that we can't keep to ourselves. We often include free printed scrolls of these NameStories with the products we ship out, and we're adding more when we can!   Check out this list of stories, and if you have one of your own that you'd like to share, please send it to us!


Got more questions?

Give us a call at 888-763-2646






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